About Our Company

About Our Company

Sulway Joinery was established in 1991 and during this time we have been providing high-quality joinery services to our discerning clients. Our best advertising over this time has been through word of mouth referrals which stands testimate to our quality workmanship and dedication to our business.

About Us

Our Services

  • Kitchen Renovations
  • Bathroom Renovations
  • Handcrafted Furniture
  • Bespoke Cabinetry
  • Innovative Bespoke Storage Solutions
  • From Creation to Installation
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What We Do

Kitchen Renovations

Specialising in kitchen renovations in Canberra for over 20 years.. Sulway Joinery is one of Canberra’s most experienced and trusted family owned kitchen renovations specialists. The service and expertise you receive from Sulway Joinery are second to none. We pride our business on our professionalism and expertise, our dedicated full-time qualified staff manage your kitchen renovation project from start to finish every time. So you know the same person who crafts your project will finish and install it.

Bathroom Renovations

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Bespoke Storage Solutions

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Innovative Furniture Solutions

Are you in need of an innovative furniture or storage solution? Our fine craftsmen will work with you to bring your vision to reality. Just like in the photograph above, the TV entertainment unit was handcrafted by Sulway Joinery to compliment the clients lounge room which now provides an effective use of wall space, loads more storage compartments to keep those DVDs, CD and Novels in order. The added shelving space provides a nice organised and symmetrical display areas for your more important display items. You too could enjoy an innovative and creative custom entertainment unit just like this one from one simple phone call.

Take the first step and contact us todayto discuss your project ideas.

Custom Cabinetry

Custom Handcrafted furniture and cabinetry is our forte. We have over 20 years of expertise handcrafting:

  • Custom Cabinetry
  • Custom Kitchen Benches
  • Complete Custom Kitchen Renovations
  • Custom Bookshelves
  • Shelving Solutions
  • Storage Units
  • Custom Buffet and Hutches
  • Bathroom Vanities

Make contact with Sulway Joinery today. They are your local family owned Joinery business experts.

Creation to Installation

For all custom joinery projects such as:

  • Built in Wardrobes
  • TV Entertainment Units
  • Custom Furniture
  • Dining Tables/Chairs
  • Shelving Solutions
  • Coffee Tables
  • Kitchen & Bathroom Solutions
  • Commercial Solutions

We specialise in all custom built furniture, kitchen, bathroom, residential and commercial storage solutions.

If you require a special custom built storage or furniture solution, then contact Sulway Joinery today to discuss your project – large or small

Ready to get started? Or have a question?

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